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    Aug 22, 2016

    Sengkang condo residents sign defects petition

    A SERIES of design problems plague the newly-completed La Fiesta condominium in Sengkang, according to its residents, many of whom gathered on Saturday to sign a petition to demand explanations and solutions from the developer.

    The main headache for the nearly 100 residents who turned up is the seepage of water from under the floors in their flats, including through the base of the ceiling-to-floor windows, reported Lianhe Wanbao.

    Mrs Lim, a 33-year-old resident, said when she was renovating her new $1.2 million home in June, she found water coming in from the exterior walls through the windows in two of the three bedrooms.

    "We wiped it off but soon there were traces again," she told the Chinese evening daily.

    She also complained that the laminate flooring was being corroded by the wetness.

    "We pulled up the flooring and found the under layer had already turned mouldy," she added.

    "Now we must suspend our renovation and even redo those parts already finished.

    "Currently we are living in a rented house but the lease is expiring.

    "We do not know where to go."

    According to Mrs Lim, the developer EL Development (ELD) and other suppliers have been evading her calls after they failed in six attempts to fix the water seepage problem.

    Dissatisfactions voiced by other residents include there being no lifts to access the carparks in basement two, no shelters for the outdoor barbecue pits, and the danger of putting a dragon fruit tree whose fruit is prickly in the middle of a playground.

    Contacted by Wanbao, ELD explained that it had fixed some of the water seepage complaints but, in some flats, the water was leaking in from some hard-to-spot fissures.

    "We are sorry for the problems.

    "Our contractors need to take some time to observe before finding solutions," said a spokesman.

    ELD added that not all the 13 blocks in La Fiesta have lifts to the B2 carparks, the barbecue pits would be sheltered by vines and the dragon fruit tree is fenced up.

    Last year, about 500 homeowners from the Trivelis condo in Clementi, also an ELD project, lodged complaints of shoddy workmanship and poor design for their flats.