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    Jan 12, 2015

    A rail pun-ny play on MRT station names

    IF YOU like puns with local flavour, then a collection of memes making its rounds on the Internet is sure to tickle your funny bone.

    Singaporean Pamela Tham created a set of memes playing on the names of MRT stations such as Khatib, Esplanade and Dakota.

    They took on a life of their own after she posted them on her Facebook page on Friday.

    The album of puns garnered more than 1,500 shares on Facebook within two days and struck a chord with many netizens, with several of them contributing their own puns.

    "Aiyah. My keropok lau hong, not Kranji already," goes one of Ms Tham's puns. Another reads: "It's so warm in my living room 'cos Marsiling fan is broken."

    Her idea has since been shared on SGAG, a popular Singapore-based website now filled with more user-generated MRT name memes.

    Ms Tham was inspired by Malaysian Scyler Yang, who gave Hong Kong's MTR station names a similar treatment, with puns like "What would you like, sir? Wan Chai latte, please" and "Hong Kong is awesome, for Kwai Hing out loud".

    While some of the puns evoke a cringe more than a laugh, there is at least one more activity to keep a person occupied while in transit - thinking up puns to entertain himself and others.