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Punggol Walk flats abuzz as bees swarm in

WIPED OUT: Exterminators took two hours to kill the bees at five HDB blocks in Punggol on Tuesday.


    Aug 04, 2016

    Punggol Walk flats abuzz as bees swarm in

    BIG swarms of bees invaded at least five blocks of Housing Board flats in Punggol on Tuesday, with exterminators taking nearly two hours to kill them.

    The bees first flocked to blocks 271A, B, C and D at Punggol Walk at about 7pm, Chinese daily Lianhe Wanbao reported yesterday.

    They headed for the corridors, staircases and even residents' homes.

    They had originally made their nest at the roof

    of Block 271D but made a beeline to light sources in the blocks when night fell.

    Housewife Ms Shen, 40, told Wanbao that

    her windows and doors were closed.

    She heard the repeated sound of something knocking on the windows. She looked closer

    and realised with a shock that "countless bees

    were trying to enter the house".

    "My neighbour wasn't so lucky," said Ms Shen.

    "She said a dense cloud of bees suddenly appeared in her living room and scared her

    family so much that they hid in a room."

    The bees rapidly flew to all 16 floors of the four blocks, with more at the higher floors.

    Some flew to Block 270A across the road.

    To fend against the bees, some residents wore long-sleeved shirts and even raincoats. Others turned off the lights, hoping they would leave.

    At about 9pm, exterminators dispatched by the town council arrived and sprayed insecticide.

    They killed all the bees only at about 11pm.

    One exterminator said the bees, likely common Malayan bees, could have been drawn to the

    light sources as their hives nearby could have

    been destroyed by wind and rain.

    He added that the bees would likely have dispersed or died of heat from the lights by the next morning so residents "need not be too worried".

    Several residents were stung but mostly suffered minor injuries. One resident, Mr Su, 48, who lives on the 16th floor, said he was stung on a finger which swelled and felt numb but only for a while.

    The exterminator said the bees are not poisonous but some people may suffer allergic reactions from stings, and should visit a doctor if they feel discomfort.

    In June last year, over a thousand bees swarmed

    into two blocks of flats in nearby Sengkang.