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    Feb 03, 2016

    Propose names of NMPs by Feb 23

    THE search for non-partisan Singaporeans to champion special causes in Parliament has begun.

    From today, people can submit names of those whom they think are suitable to be a Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP). The deadline for submissions is 4.30pm on Feb 23.

    Forms are available at Parliament House or on the Parliament website, the Clerk of Parliament said in a statement yesterday.

    When contacted, entrepreneur Kuik Shiao-yin, one of the nine NMPs in the last Parliament, said she would seek a second term, pointing out that she and her fellow NMPs had served for about a year before Parliament was dissolved last August ahead of the general election.

    Each NMP term can last up to 21/2 years and the last group was sworn in on Sept 8, 2014.

    Maybank Singapore's premier wealth department vice-president Ismail Hussein and Changi General Hospital sports medicine chief Benedict Tan said they will not seek another term. They added that other capable Singaporeans should get the chance to have their say in Parliament.

    Veteran unionist K. Karthikeyan and Yale-NUS executive vice-president of academic affairs Tan Tai Yong said they will leave the decision to the labour movement and tertiary education sector, which they represent.

    The remaining four NMPs in the last Parliament who could not be reached for comment are corporate lawyer Chia Yong Yong, labour economist Randolph Tan, businessman Thomas Chua and architect Rita Soh.