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    Oct 08, 2014

    Products to ward off sexual predators


    COULD technology be the answer to protecting women from rape? Here are some things that could be on the market soon:

    1. Nail polish to detect date-rape drugs

    Four students from North Carolina State University have invented a nail polish, dubbed "Undercover Colors", which purportedly changes shade when exposed to date-rape drugs such as Rohypnol, GHB or Xanax. This will, in theory, prevent potential unwanted sexual encounters.

    2. Rape-resistant clothing

    AR Wear, which claims to be a new rape-resistant clothing line, promises to keep women safe from sexual predators.

    The company uses materials that cannot be easily cut or ripped to make the garments which, it insists, are comfortable. The garments, which include underwear, yoga pants and shorts, can be taken off by opening a "tiny lock" that only the wearer can operate.

    3. Anti-pervert hairy stockings

    Stockings that give women's legs a very hairy look sparked a heated discussion on Weibo, China's Twitter-like service, after their first public display. Netizens opined that the stockings will not only prevent attacks from perverts, but also stop handsome guys from approaching a girl. But some felt the stockings would probably cause nausea and physical discomfort.

    4. Anti-rape underwear

    A team of Indian engineering students has created a piece of anti-rape underwear, which can deliver a 3,800 kilovolt shock to a potential attacker. After disabling the assailant, the undergarment will automatically send a text message to police or family members, giving the Global Positioning System location of the attempted crime.