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Price surge for Uber during train disruption

ALTERNATIVE TRANSPORT: An increase in price was implemented by Uber in the wake of the North-South Line disruption yesterday. ST


    Nov 26, 2015

    Price surge for Uber during train disruption

    THERE was a price surge for ride-booking service Uber during yesterday morning's train disruption of more than two hours on the North-South Line between Yishun and Bishan stations.

    As increasingly desperate commuters sought alternative means of transport during the morning rush hour, prices reportedly increased by as much as 3.8 times the usual fare.

    The Straits Times understands that the highest surge of 3.9 was recorded at 8.20am in the Sembawang area.

    Price increases on Uber are not uncommon during times of high demand.

    There were huge crowds outside the affected stations, with snaking queues at nearby taxi stands.

    Several affected passengers who managed to secure a ride on the third-party booking app said they were grateful for Uber in such situations.

    Twitter user @Benzeemin tweeted: "#mrt down, taxi line long like they just released the iPhone 6s. Thank God for #Uber."

    But many also lamented the price surge.

    User @DimanJapar said she had to pay twice the usual fare, while @velouriadreams summed it up best: "1 train breakdown. Uber surge went mad. Taxi Booking apps overwhelmed (I'm guessing). Seriously."

    SMRT had deployed free shuttle services at the affected stations.