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    Dec 11, 2015

    Praise for brolly- wielding bus driver

    A HEARTWARMING video that shows an SBS Transit bus driver using an umbrella to shelter his passengers from the rain on Tuesday night has gone viral.

    The unidentified driver is seen in the clip getting up from his seat at a bus stop and opening an umbrella.

    He then stands at the front door, while holding out the umbrella, to prevent commuters alighting and boarding the bus from getting drenched by the heavy downpour.

    The 27-second clip has been shared widely on social media since Wednesday.

    A video post on the Facebook page of Kaki News Network has since garnered more than 210,000 views in less than a day.

    It was also uploaded on online group, with many netizens praising the driver for going the extra mile to serve his passengers.

    User Jason Goh wrote: "This is the difference between being passionate about his job and just getting the job done."

    Another user, Sam Lau, said: "Love it! This is what I call service culture - better than taking a cab."