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    Apr 23, 2014

    Pop (powdered) champagne? Not in the US for now


    DON'T pop that powdered champagne just yet.

    A powdered alcohol product called "Palcohol" gained widespread attention online in recent days after it was reported that the US Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau had approved it.

    But Tom Hogue, a representative for the federal bureau, said in an e-mail message to The Associated Press late on Monday that the approvals were issued in error.

    No reason was given by the authorities for the change of heart.

    There was some feedback from parents that the product may make it easier for their children to get and hide alcohol.

    In particular, a statement on the company's website - "Yes, you can snort it. And you'll get drunk almost instantly" - elicited a slew of negative publicity and was removed.

    Palcohol is made by an Arizona company called Lipsmark and will come in six varieties of single-drink pouches.

    Mark Phillips, the founder, said he was an active person and wanted a convenient way to carry an "adult beverage" when he was hiking or biking.

    On its website, Palcohol says it planned to offer six varieties of powdered alcohol, including vodka, rum and four cocktails - Cosmopolitan, Mojito, Powderita and Lemon Drop.

    The company said the product was to be sold to people of legal drinking age and could even be sprinkled on food.

    "Think of Palcohol as liquor... just in powder form. It will be sold anywhere where liquor can be sold," said the company, which added it intended to sell it abroad and online.

    A patent for the mixture is pending.

    In an e-mail message, Lipsmark said "there seemed to be a discrepancy on our fill level, how much powder is in the bag".

    It said it will re-submit the labels for approval.

    Powdered alcohol has already been approved for sale in Japan and some European countries.