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    Aug 02, 2016

    Police recover 39 stolen cars in Penang


    THIRTY-NINE stolen cars, including many luxury ones, altogether worth about RM6 million (S$2 million), were recovered by Malaysian police at a workshop in Penang's Bukit Tengah car servicing hub.

    Three mechanics aged between 37 and 40, who were tampering with the vehicles' chassis numbers when police burst into the premises on Friday, were arrested, The Star daily reported.

    According to sources, the cars were stolen from all over Malaysia, and among them was a Porsche Cayenne, estimated to be worth about RM600,000.

    There were also a Jaguar, 11 Audis, eight Mercedes Benz cars and two BMWs.

    Four car frames belonging to a Mercedes Benz, an Audi, a Volkswagen and a Perodua Alza were also seized.

    The local police, who had acted on a tip-off, believe the mechanics belong to a car theft syndicate with nationwide connections, and are working with headquarters to round up the rest.

    The thieves are believed to have used a jammer, which can duplicate the signals from vehicles' alarm remote, to "hot-wire" the targeted cars.

    The luxury vehicles were likely meant to be smuggled overseas, and the cheaper ones to be sold at home.

    Police in Serdang, Selangor also cracked down on four other car theft syndicates last week, arresting 10 men and recovering eight cars, reported the Kwong Hwa Yit Poh newspaper.

    Serdang police revealed that the suspects had proper jobs such as operators in a second-hand car parts factory and tow-truck drivers.

    Some ran errand services for the Road Transport Department.

    According to the Malaysian police, about 138 vehicles are stolen in the country every day.

    The annual loss from car thefts, which account for half the crime cases, is about RM700 million.