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    Jan 20, 2014

    Police nab Giant 'abalone thief'

    DESPERATE to celebrate Chinese New Year with special goodies, a 55-year-old woman is believed to have stolen cans of abalone twice in a row before she was nabbed.

    On Wednesday morning, staff at a Giant supermarket in Redhill noticed that there were cans of abalone missing from the shelves next to the cashier counter.

    Closed-circuit television footage showed the suspect plucking two cans and putting them in her shopping basket, before walking to the back of the shop and stuffing them in a bag. She strolled out calmly after that.

    Supermarket staff lodged a report with police and handed over the footage.

    But the woman was not content with her haul.

    She decided to strike again the very next day, nicking two more cans.

    While the staff had been put on alert, she slipped in during a busy period at the supermarket.

    "There were too many customers and we didn't notice her. In the end, more abalone was stolen and we had to lodge a report again," said one staff member.

    The police quickly identified the suspect in the video. On Friday, the woman was arrested in Pasir Panjang Road, with the four cans of abalone in her possession.

    They are estimated to cost more than $160 in total.