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Police nab $50 note counterfeiter

SAME SERIAL NUMBER: This photo of alleged fake $50 notes went viral - the post said they were used in Hougang area.


    Jun 01, 2016

    Police nab $50 note counterfeiter

    POLICE have caught a man believed to be involved in the production of counterfeit $50 notes after a photo of two fake notes said to be spotted in Hougang went viral.

    The image of two fake $50 notes circulated on WhatsApp and online had set retailers in the area on edge, with several writing down the serial number of the fake note for reference.

    The notes in the photo look faded, discoloured and dirty, reported Chinese newspaper Shin Min Daily News yesterday.

    The watermark, kinegram and security thread also look indiscernible.

    In a statement to the media, the police said they received a report that the notes were used for payment at a convenience store near Hougang Street 91 on Thursday morning.

    They arrested a 52-year-old male suspect that afternoon along Hougang Avenue 8. A printer, a bag and several $50 notes, believed to be counterfeit, were seized.

    The four serial numbers in the cases reported are: 5DC995967; 4KT595133; 4AX921719 and 4LB831932.

    The fake notes also lack security features, said the police, such as a watermark and an embossed texture.

    The police advised members of the public to be on the alert for other counterfeit notes, to delay the person presenting the note and to call 999.

    Stall owners in Kovan Hougang Market and Food Centre and the market at Lorong Ah Soo were aware of the counterfeit notes when Chinese evening daily Lianhe Wanbao visited yesterday.

    In Kovan, many stallholders wrote down the serial number of the fake notes in the viral image so they could check $50 notes against it, said Wanbao in a report yesterday. Other vendors memorised the number by heart while a few even used the figures to buy 4D.

    Anyone who is convicted of using counterfeit notes as genuine ones may face up to 20 years' jail and a fine.

    Police investigations are ongoing.

    For more information on identifying genuine notes, go to: