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    Sep 16, 2015

    PM: S'pore's future assured by GE

    THE 2015 General Election has assured Singapore's future beyond SG50, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said in a speech addressed to People's Action Party (PAP) MPs on Monday.

    The strong result "gives leadership renewal the best chance to succeed", as the governing team has been "reinforced and rejuvenated", he said.

    An adapted version of the speech was put up on the party's website yesterday. Mr Lee also posted the link to the text of the address on his Facebook page.

    The PAP won a landslide victory in the Sept 11 polls with 69.9 per cent of the vote share in the first election since 1965 where every parliamentary seat was contested.

    "The General Election results were better than we had dared to hope; indeed better than anyone expected," he said.

    "But election outcomes are never fully predictable, and we must never take anything for granted. With this good result, the PAP must work even harder for Singaporeans. In victory, we must be humble, and stay close to the people whom we serve.

    "A good mandate gives us precious political capital, which we must make good use of, wisely."

    When the Government makes hard decisions, it will have to justify them to the people and win their support, "to maintain trust and confidence in the PAP", he added.

    He pointed out that it is healthy for the PAP that there were no walkovers in this election.

    "We must be prepared to fight for what we believe in, and take the fight to the opposition when necessary," he said. "Every MP has had to fight and win, and has learnt how to win votes and not to take voters for granted."