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    Jun 26, 2014

    PM Lee to Japan and neighbours: Put WWII behind you


    SINGAPORE Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Tuesday urged Japan and its neighbours to put World War II behind them, saying that if they kept re-opening issues dating back to the conflict, it would be a "continuing sore" in their relations.

    "One of the reasons Japan's difficulties are not just with China, but also with Korea, is because of the re-opening of issues that go back to the Second World War and before, which have never been properly put to rest the way they were put to rest in Europe after the war," Mr Lee told a think-tank during a visit to Washington.

    "So it's really a sovereign choice for the Japanese to make," he said. The legacy of the war was also a matter for Korea and China, Mr Lee said.

    "They (Japan) can't do it themselves. It takes two hands to clap, so you need the Chinese and Koreans as well," he added.

    "Unless you can put the Second World War behind you, and not keep on re-opening issues of comfort women, of aggression, of whether or not bad things were done during the war, I think this is going to be a continuing sore."