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    Apr 04, 2016

    Planning your final goodbye

    SINGAPORE Funeral Services (SFS) launched a monthly instalment package for pre-planned funeral services about two years ago.

    Funeral director Hoo Hung Chye says about 200 people have signed up.

    "Funerals can be expensive so we want to reduce the financial burden placed on family members," he says.

    Customers who sign up for the plan, called Legacy, pay $138 a month for 10 years.

    The three-day-two-night service includes a void-deck enclosure with tables and flowers, a wooden coffin, a Mercedes Benz to take the coffin to the crematorium and an air-conditioned bus to transport about 45 mourners.

    The $13,888 Legacy package is just one of the options available, says Mr Ho. SFS can customise the plan too.

    Many of those people who sign up live alone or are in their 50s and older.

    Direct Funeral Services (DFS) offers the pre-planned service because it helps avoid disagreement later.

    Jenny Tay, the company's managing director, says: "Sometimes, there is a conflict over what the deceased would have wanted, especially when it comes to religious rites.

    "Pre-planning avoids this and lets people decide what's best for them."