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Pillows used to muffle SIA door noise

TEMPORARY FIX: These pillows were placed at one of the Business Class cabin doors of SQ25. PHOTO: STOMP


    Apr 01, 2014

    Pillows used to muffle SIA door noise

    A SUDDEN high-pitched whirring sound from one of the Business Class cabin doors startled passengers, an hour after a Singapore Airlines flight took off from New York on Friday.

    In a bid to muffle the noise, cabin crew piled pillows against the door of the Airbus A380.

    Passenger Johnny Chua told MyPaper that the noisy door on the upper deck of SQ25 made passengers "uneasy" and "worried".

    The 44-year-old said the incident reminded him of how a faulty door had forced an SIA flight from London to Singapore to make an emergency landing in Azerbaijan in January.

    The senior vice-president at a consumer goods export and logistics company posted a photo of the pillow pile-up on citizen journalism website Stomp.

    He said the captain inspected the door and decided to carry on with the flight to Frankfurt, which was a stopover point. An Airbus engineer at Frankfurt Airport fixed the problem, which was caused by the seal of the door.

    When contacted, an SIA spokesman said: "After some maintenance was performed to ensure that the door seal was fitted properly, the aircraft continued on its journey and landed safely in Singapore. Further inspection was done in Singapore, with no other findings."