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    Apr 14, 2016

    Photography is subjective, says shutterbug in dispute

    THE photographer behind the "bad" wedding photos that have gone viral on Facebook is standing by his work and saying that everyone has differing aesthetic standards.

    On Sunday, newly-wed Jaclyn Ying, 25, shared an album of 21 photos from her wedding that have since been shared more than 19,000 times.

    The shots, which she said were "bad" and "pretty much ruined", include unflattering angles of guests and odd filters.

    Ms Ying did not name the photographer or bridal studio, as she wrote "this is not a flame and shame post", but the photographer identified himself on Tuesday.

    When Chinese daily Lianhe Wanbao spoke to the shutterbug, Chung Siew Goh, 55, on Tuesday, he said his photos were not shot poorly.

    But he admitted his mistake in sending unedited photos to the couple.

    Mr Goh told Wanbao that he believes they had signed up for a package with only 400 photos.

    The couple had told The Straits Times that they had paid more than $3,000 for a package that included outfits, hair and make-up sessions and 10 hours of photography on their wedding day.

    Mr Goh felt that some of the photos he had taken on the wedding day showed the couple and their guests in a candid light, so he picked 870 photos from the 939 he had and submitted them.

    Asked about the coloured filters and odd angles, Mr Goh said that whether or not one considers a photo beautiful is subjective.

    He explained that every photo he took captured the newly-weds' frames of mind then, and that he put in a lot of effort in shooting their wedding.

    He added that he felt the edited photos were nice. For example, referring to a photo where the groom was hiding in the bushes, with half the shot edited black and white and the other half coloured, Mr Goh said the quirky shot captured the groom's lively personality.

    Mr Goh, who works in the printing business, is a freelance photographer. He said he gets four photography gigs per month and has never received any complaints.

    Mr Goh said on his Facebook page that he had been paid $350 for the full-day shoot.

    He said he accepts the couple's criticism but feels that they could have contacted him directly first.

    "I hope to treat them to a cup of coffee and to sit down and have a good chat."