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    Aug 30, 2016

    Peter Lim files police report over get-rich-quick claims

    SINGAPORE billionaire Peter Lim has made a police report against online reports linking him with certain investment methods.

    The businessman said he "categorically denies" having anything to do with the claims made in the online reports, in a statement from his firm Kestrel Capital.

    "He is concerned and alarmed that his name is and continues to be used by parties with possible ill intentions to mislead unsuspecting members of the public," the statement said.

    He has thus lodged a police report.

    The statement warned members of the public not to be fooled by these false and misleading claims, to avoid becoming victims of "get-rich-quick scams".

    One online article claimed that Mr Lim has revealed an "easy work-from-home trick" and that the reader can "quit (his) job in 30 days".

    "Netizens should also refrain from circulating and reposting these false claims," the statement said.

    Mr Lim, 63, is the 11th richest person in Singapore, according to Forbes.