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Pet cremation services help ease owners' pain

DEALING WITH GRIEF: Niches at the Pets Cremation Centre columbarium in Pasir Ris.


    Dec 21, 2015

    Pet cremation services help ease owners' pain

    SERVICES such as pet cremation can help owners to cope with the sudden loss of a pet, says one pet owner.

    "The end of a pet's life is something that all owners must prepare for but sometimes it can be a bit too sudden to accept," says May Liew, 38.

    "For people who are very attached to their pets, it can be a nightmare."

    The office administrator lost her pet labrador to a sudden heart attack two years ago. Within a few hours of the dog's death, she hired a cremation service after searching online.

    Says Madam Liew: "My family was devastated but it would have been worse for all of us if the carcass started to attract maggots or flies."

    As a pet undertaker, Patrick Lim says part of his job is to help owners deal with their grief.

    He says: "I listen to their needs and whether or not they have a specific request. If they want a priest or a monk to be present, I can arrange for that too.

    "Once they know that things are being taken care of, they feel better."