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Pay MRT, bus fare using Kitty charms

ADORABLE: EZ-Charms are tags designed to hang off mobile phones or key chains. They can also be used to pay for shopping and dining, and cost $24.90 each.


    Apr 22, 2015

    Pay MRT, bus fare using Kitty charms

    COMMUTERS will soon have a new way of tapping on public transport - cute tags in the likeness of Hello Kitty.

    EZ-Link announced yesterday its new EZ-Charms, which can be used in place of ez-link cards to pay for public transport fares.

    The EZ-Charms are tags designed to hang off mobile phones or keychains.

    They function the same way as ez-link cards, and can be used on buses, trains and taxis, as well as for shopping and dining. They can be topped up at all ez-link card channels including automated teller machines.

    The first EZ-Charms will feature Hello Kitty in four colours: red, pink, black and blue. 

    Each charm costs $24.90 with no stored value. All four will be available online at $99.60 from April 30.

    The red and pink ones will be available at 7-Eleven outlets at the end of next month, the black one will be sold at the end of June, while the blue one is limited to the first 1,000 customers who accumulate 5,000 points under a new EZ-Link rewards scheme.

    Under the rewards scheme, a partnership between EZ-Link and loyalty-card app Perx, commuters earn points when they tap in on trains and buses.

    Commuters have to register their ez-link card's or charm's 16-digit CAN ID via the app before they can start earning points.

    Trips on MRT trains, as well as SMRT and SBS Transit buses made with an adult ez-link card will net a commuter 25 points, while those using an EZ-Link co-brand card will get twice the number of points.

    Points earned can be redeemed at 13 retailers, including Watsons, fevo and Zalora. Five hundred points, for instance, can be cashed in for a $2 Watsons discount voucher.