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One throws punches, one insults woman

ARRESTED: A man driving a taxi in Paya Lebar Road fought a police officer yesterday morning after he was stopped for overtaking another vehicle dangerously. Police said that the man was driving while his licence was revoked


    Dec 05, 2013

    One throws punches, one insults woman

    TWO cab drivers have veered onto the wrong side of the law.

    One was arrested yesterday after he assaulted a police officer, the other was fined for calling a passenger a prostitute, reported Shin Min Daily News.

    In the first case, a traffic police officer stopped a man, 45, driving a taxi in Paya Lebar Road towards Upper Paya Lebar yesterday at around 7.25am.

    It is understood that the driver had overtaken another vehicle dangerously, reported Shin Min.

    When asked to show his driving licence, the man became violent and pushed the officer away in his attempt to escape.

    The officer held on to the man to prevent him from running away. It is believed that the man threw punches and kicks after failing to loosen the officer's hold on him.

    A security guard from a nearby condominium rushed to the scene and tried to pull the two men apart. A bus driver also stopped his bus and got down to help the police officer.

    The man was arrested eventually after more police officers arrived at the scene.

    It is understood that he did not have a licence and was driving a friend's cab.

    When contacted, the police said that a man had been arrested for driving while his licence was revoked, as well as for voluntarily causing hurt to a public servant to prevent him from carrying out his duties. Investigations are ongoing.

    Meanwhile, a taxi driver was fined $2,000 for making a passenger alight along an expressway and calling her a prostitute, Shin Min said yesterday.

    On Nov 2 last year, at about 2am, the passenger boarded the 61-year-old cabby's taxi at Changi Airport and told him that she wanted to go to a Geylang hotel.

    Things went well at first. The passenger said she liked the Hokkien songs playing on the radio then and asked the cabby to raise the volume. She said the cabby tried to chat with her later, asking her where she was from. But as she wanted to rest, she told him that she did not want to talk.

    She said the cabby did not hear her as the radio was too loud. So she raised her voice and repeated her answer.

    She said the cabby then turned off the radio suddenly and told her to get off his cab, which was on the Pan-Island Expressway.

    When she said she would not pay the fare, the cabby scolded her and called her a "prostitute", she said.

    The woman later made a police report.

    The cabby was reportedly making an appeal.