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One plane, 2 Chinese camps

COMFORTING WORDS: A monk comforting Chinese relatives of a passenger on Flight MH370 after they offered prayers at a Buddhist temple in Petaling Jaya yesterday. PHOTO: AFP


    Apr 01, 2014

    One plane, 2 Chinese camps


    CHINA appears divided over the disappearance of Flight MH370.

    Its media and Chinese students living in Malaysia pleaded for their countrymen to behave "rationally" over the incident. But relatives of the passengers on the missing plane continued to attack the Malaysian government's handling of the crisis.

    A commentary in yesterday's China Daily said the Chinese people "should not let anger prevail over facts and rationality".

    Stressing that finding the aircraft and analysing technical data would take time, it said: "Why cannot we be patient and just wait until they find the wreckage and get the evidence?"

    The Malaysian Association of China Students Alumni, which represents current and former Chinese students living in Malaysia, said it would not do any good to "attack" Malaysia as it would only strain relations on both sides.

    "We would ask them to express their emotion and sorrow in a rational way, instead of going to the streets to demonstrate," said president Adam Huang yesterday.

    He added: "We have the right to know the facts, but we are not entitled to provoke hatred towards Malaysia."

    Angry family members of Chinese passengers have accused Kuala Lumpur of a cover-up, calling the officials "murderers".

    Yesterday, a group of about 40 Chinese relatives, who arrived in Kuala Lumpur recently, said that they will not forgive any party for hiding the truth.

    "We will not forgive those who have harmed our loved ones, those who are hiding the truth and those who are delaying the search and rescue," said group spokesman Jiang Hui.

    Acting Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein yesterday insisted that his government was "not hiding anything".

    Based on procedures, it could only give out information approved by the investigators.

    "The truth will prevail, it will be out there," he said.

    Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak will travel to Perth tomorrow to observe search operations firsthand.

    Australia's Prime Minister, Mr Tony Abbott, has said "the accumulation of evidence" points to the flight going down in the Indian Ocean, agreeing with Mr Najib's earlier conclusion that the plane is lost in that area.

    Mr Abbott said: "That is the absolutely overwhelming wave of evidence and I think that Prime Minister Najib Razak was perfectly entitled to come to that conclusion, and I think once that conclusion had been arrived at, it was his duty to make that conclusion public."