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One more dead as flood rises

SAVE ME! A fireman helping someone out of a drain in Kuantan, a city in Malaysia affected by the floods.


    Dec 06, 2013

    One more dead as flood rises


    SEVERE flooding in Malaysia has left a second person dead and two missing, while the number of evacuees has risen to some 56,000, a report and officials said yesterday.

    More than 38,000 people sought refuge in evacuation centres in the east-coast state of Pahang alone, where heavy rain since Sunday has caused the heaviest flooding, the state news agency Bernama reported.

    A 21-year-old man who went fishing drowned in the state on Wednesday, adding to an earlier fatality in neighbouring Terengganu state.

    A father and his 17-year-old son have been missing in Pahang since Wednesday.

    The two were said to be moving some household belongings from their submerged house into a fibreglass boat when they fell.

    Concerned about the plight of flood victims following the worsening situation in Pahang, Prime Minister Najib Razak left the Umno general assembly to observe the situation in his home state.

    In a tweet, Datuk Seri Najib said he would leave for Pekan, Rompin and Kuantan to look at the flood situation there.

    "Pray that all is safe," he said.

    Some 18,000 people have been evacuated in Terengganu, Kelantan and Johor, all along the east coast.

    TV footage yesterday showed people wading through fast-flowing, waist-high brown water, carrying their belongings, while the authorities ferried others from their partly submerged houses in boats. Cars were also partly submerged.

    A Meteorological Department official said rain in most flood-hit areas had stopped but flooding persisted due to the high tide.

    "The weather forecast for the east coast is that it will get better," she said.

    Floods caused by annual monsoon rains that begin around November are common in the South-east Asian country.