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    Sep 21, 2016

    NY bombing suspect charged with attempted murder


    AN AFGHAN-BORN American was charged on Monday with attempted murder after being shot and captured in connection with bombings in New York and New Jersey.

    Saturday's attacks wounded 29 people in Manhattan and cancelled a US Marine Corps race in New Jersey.

    Rahami, 28, was spotted by a police officer outside a bar in New Jersey around three hours after the Federal Bureau of Investigation released his mugshot and described him as "armed and dangerous".

    When the officer approached him, he whipped out a handgun and shot the officer in the torso, hitting his protective vest, said acting Union County prosecutor Grace Park.

    In a subsequent police shootout, Rahami was shot multiple times outside an auto repair shop. He was taken to hospital where he underwent surgery.

    He was not on the authorities' radar before the attacks.

    Rahami had travelled "extensively", New York governor Andrew Cuomo told CNN, visiting his homeland and Pakistan, where he had a wife.