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    Jul 27, 2016

    NUS: Planned activities must be endorsed

    ANY behaviour or activity that "denigrates the dignity" of individuals or has sexual connotations is not condoned by the National University of Singapore,

    a spokesman said yesterday.

    Students, particularly freshmen, "must feel safe

    and secure at all times"

    during orientation.

    "If they decide to opt out

    of an activity, their wishes

    must be respected," added the spokesman in a statement.

    Investigations are under way and disciplinary action will be taken against those responsible.

    Every year, the university's Office of Student Affairs conducts sessions with students involved in organising and leading orientation activities.

    They may be from the

    NUS Students' Union and

    other clubs and committees.

    The Office of Student Affairs will run through the do's and don'ts, and activities that are banned, said the spokesman.

    The proposed activities

    then have to be endorsed by

    relevant supervisors, such as hall masters and vice-deans.

    From early this year, extra steps were also taken to "ensure the acceptability of planned orientation activities",

    said the NUS spokesman.

    "We are very disappointed that despite these efforts, instances of offensive and completely inappropriate orientation activities that

    were not submitted nor

    endorsed have surfaced."

    Students who have queries on orientation can e-mail the

    NUS Office of Student Affairs at

    on a strictly confidential basis.