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    Mar 03, 2015

    'No such rules' for tourists


    THERE are no plans to impose a dress code on tourists visiting Terengganu, its chief minister said yesterday.

    Ahmad Razif Abdul Rahman said there had not been any plans nor any discussion on the matter, adding that existing laws were sufficient to deal with indecent dressing.

    "No, we did not have any discussion. I was surprised myself when the issue became viral," Mr Ahmad Razif said at a press conference.

    "I have spoken to the exco chairman who announced it, and it seems to be a misunderstanding. We do not intend to enforce such rules on tourists.

    "If someone dresses indecently, there are existing laws to deal with it and the government does not intend to introduce new rules."

    State Tourism and Cultural Affairs chairman Mohd Jidin Shafee was quoted on state government portal saying that the state would issue guidelines on attire for tourists, especially females.

    The article was removed a few hours later.