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No offer of adoption for black dog Happy

THEN: Happy was found tied to a bench at Bukit Merah View in 2012.
No offer of adoption for black dog Happy

NOW: Hope Dog Rescue founder Foo says the female dog is "very sweet" and "easy-going".


    Feb 10, 2016

    No offer of adoption for black dog Happy

    IN SEPTEMBER, The Straits Times reported about animal welfare group SOSD's campaign to get people to adopt black dogs which, like black cats, are often seen to be unlucky or evil.

    Dogs with white paws are compared to mourning garb worn at funerals, and are thought to bring grief and death to the family, SOSD president Siew Tuck Wah told The Straits Times.

    Happy, a female dog mentioned in the article, is still waiting to be adopted.

    The longest-staying resident at animal volunteer group Hope Dog Rescue was found tied to a bench at Block 114, Bukit Merah View in 2012.

    It weighed a mere 13kg. It had protruding ribs and flaky skin and was believed to have been abandoned.

    Fiona Foo, founder of Hope Dog Rescue, told My Paper that she thinks people "don't even give Happy a second look because she's black and what's worse, has white paws, a Chinese superstition".

    Happy, a local crossbreed more than three years old, is not Housing Board-approved, as it is tall and lanky.

    However, Ms Foo said Happy is "very sweet, easy-going, gets on with dogs" and is playful and affectionate.

    "She was named Happy, in the hope that she would find her forever home and be happy ever after," she added.

    "Unfortunately, this hasn't happened yet."

    If you are interested in adopting Happy, e-mail to find out more.