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    Sep 14, 2016

    No date for launch of Johor's foreign car levy, says minister


    THE extended trial run for Malaysia's Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) system for levying a road charge on incoming foreign vehicles at Johor's checkpoints would soon be over, but its actual launch date is still uncertain, reported Malaysian media, quoting Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai.

    Adjustments have been made to correct hiccups in the VEP during the trial run, which is expected to end by the end of this month, he told the New Straits Times on Monday.

    He gave the update in a restaurant in Pontian after opening the annual meeting of two Johor divisions of the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA).

    Mr Liow, who is the president of MCA, emphasised that his ministry could not afford to encounter technical issues once the VEP is in operation as it would be used at border checkpoints.

    He revealed that he had given instructions that tests be repeatedly done, which could take up to one to two months, after the end of the trial run to perfect the system, reported the Sin Chew Daily.

    "We will not announce the launch date until we are very sure of its implementation," he pointed out.

    The government had initially wanted to roll out the system at the border checkpoints at the Causeway and Second Link in August last year, which would collect RM20 (S$7) from each incoming Singapore-registered vehicle.

    However, the launch has been postponed four times, the last date being July 16, largely due to technical issues.

    Reports said more than 120,000 Singapore-registered vehicles had registered for the VEP.

    According to Johor assemblyman Putra Haron Aminurrashid Jumat, any further delay in the launch of the VEP would cause the Johor government to lose RM40 million a year in road maintenance revenue.