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    May 20, 2016

    New portable speed cameras at 44 hot spots

    SPEED demons beware, the Traffic Police have a new gadget to nab those who break the limit.

    Yesterday, they unveiled a new portable speed laser camera that will be deployed at 44 speeding hot spots - including West Coast Highway, Braddell Road and Changi Coast Road.

    It is the first time the older cameras are being replaced since speeding enforcement operations began in 2004.

    Manned by a single officer, the new cameras can capture higher resolution images, work better in low light conditions and have a battery life of eight hours - double that of the older model.

    Officers will be stationed on overhead bridges or by the roadside - the list of enforcement areas is available online.

    The gadgets also have the ability to capture video, unlike the older model.

    Signs will be placed about 200m before the speed laser cameras.

    "The intent is to let motorists be aware that they are entering an accident-prone area so slow down and drive carefully," said TP deputy commander Devrajan Bala.

    Deputy assistant commissioner Devrajan added that the new cameras will complement existing efforts to curb speeding with the TP's other cameras on the roads.

    Asked why it took 12 years for the TP for upgrade its speed laser cameras, he said: "The technology has improved tremendously. We were looking for something that would be a gamechanger, in terms of camera capabilities.

    "In the past, (cameras' performance was) dependent on light conditions... the current ones are very reliable."

    The number of accidents caused by speeding fell to 1,197 last year from 1,363 in 2014.

    However there were 8,021 injury accidents caused by speeding last year, up almost 3 per cent from 7,809 in 2014.

    Fatal speeding accidents rose to 48 last year, from 43 in 2014.

    In recent years, the TP have replaced their ageing film cameras with digital ones, and deployed mobile speed cameras - autonomous devices which can be taken down and set up within a week - at speeding hot spots.

    The mobile speed cameras, which were launched earlier this year on Seletar Link, have been deployed at two more locations - Jurong Island Highway and Lim Chu Kang Road.

    "The mobile speed cameras have been very effective, we see very good behaviour now... Our idea is to shape the motorist's behaviour," said TP commander Sam Tee.

    Motorist Steve Keh, 41, who works in the maritime industry, said: "These will surely be effective and make people drive carefully."