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    Apr 29, 2016

    N. Korea releases video appeal by defector's parents


    NORTH Korea has broadcast video footage showing the parents of one of its restaurant workers scolding Seoul for "abducting" their daughter.

    They defected to South Korea from China early this month.

    At one point in the 6-minute 47-second video uploaded over the North's Uriminzokkiri website on Wednesday night, So Dae Song and his wife broke into tears sobbing for the repatriation of their daughter Gyong A.

    "Since learning she had been kidnapped by the South, we have not been able to let go of our deep grief," the Yonhap news agency quoted the parents as saying.

    "We believe that you (Gyong A) were abducted as you would never betray your motherland," said the father.

    The couple also directed their flak at South Korean President Park Geun Hye, calling her names and saying that "blowing up" her presidential residence would not appease them.

    "Gyong A, resist strongly until you return to the bosom of our Marshal," Mr So said, referring to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

    As the title of the video, Interview With Families Of Kidnapped Girls, was appended with the numeral one, it is believed the North will upload more of such footage.

    On April 7, a manager of a state-owned North Korean restaurant in eastern China's Ningbo city arrived in the South with 12 of his waitresses in a mass defection.

    According to the North, he had tricked the women into joining him with the collusion of the South's spy agency, reported Agence France-Presse.

    Seoul insists the defection was voluntary, pointing out that they left China with valid passports.

    The South's National Intelligence Service (NIS) said this week that seven other waitresses from the same restaurant withdrew from the defection, fearing for the safety of their families back home.

    The seven were recently paraded before the United States' Central News Network in Pyongyang, to which they gave accounts of what they called a Seoul-orchestrated defection.

    The NIS said many of North Korea's state-owned eateries abroad have closed as customer flow dipped in response to increased world sanctions on the nuclear-armed North.