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    Jun 19, 2015

    Myanmar teen 'sold' in Malaysia


    AN 18-YEAR-OLD Myanmar teen said a human smuggler had sold her as a bride to a Rohingya refugee living in Malaysia.

    A social worker, who introduced himself as Pakcik Sam, said the girl, Rihana, related her ordeal to him, saying she was sold about three months ago to the refugee.

    Many Rohingya - a minority unwanted by Myanmar's government - brave a sea and land trafficking route through Thailand and into Malaysia every year, Agence France-Presse reported.

    The girl was smuggled into Malaysia in February and was brought to Malacca, said Pakcik Sam. "A few days later, she was forced to marry the man named Hilal and had to live with him in Alor Gajah."

    Hilal then moved to Pengkalan Rama, where they shared a house with a Rohingya couple.

    "That's when Rihana's troubles became worse," said Pakcik Sam. "She told me she was raped by the other Rohingya man last month."

    Pakcik Sam said Rihana screamed for help but the man, known as Salem, hit her while the other woman pretended not to know what was happening. "Then, Salem started forcing himself on her whenever Hilal was not in the house," he said.

    When Rihana could not stand it any more and told Hilal what was going on, she was hit so hard on the head that she bled. "Her husband refused to take her to hospital," said Pakcik Sam.

    Unable to stand the abuse, Rihana fled the house and sought help from a Rohinyga leader. She lodged a police report at the Kandang police station.

    Melaka Tengah police official Shaikh Abdul Adzis Shaikh Abdullah confirmed that the police had Rihana's report and that her claims were being investigated.