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    May 03, 2016

    Murali details healthcare cooperative plans

    TO HELP meet the healthcare needs of Bukit Batok's elderly residents, People's Action Party candidate Murali Pillai will start a healthcare cooperative in the constituency, he said yesterday.

    He will partner non-profit organisation The Good Life Cooperative in the initiative so residents can get health screenings and check-ups at their doorstep - through mobile clinics that will make visits to the constituency.

    With just a few days left to win the hearts of Bukit Batok residents, Mr Murali yesterday gave more details of how he plans to reduce healthcare costs for the elderly if he is elected on May 7.

    Although the cooperative is open to all Singaporeans, having more members in a certain area will mean that mobile clinics can ply the neighbourhood more frequently, said cooperative chairman Carol Tan.

    But that would require someone who is not only able to raise funds, but also reach out to residents and encourage them to sign up - like Mr Murali - Dr Tan said, after accompanying him on his walkabout in the morning.

    "It isn't just about having money to buy the (mobile clinic). Because, if the bus is there but nobody comes, it doesn't serve the people," added Dr Tan, a PAP member.

    The cooperative will also allow its members to purchase items like adult diapers and catheters at a lower price.

    It would also give health talks in English, Malay, Tamil, Chinese and various dialects, he told reporters.

    Asked whether the health cooperative would be set up regardless of who is elected MP, Dr Tan said her organisation "will work with the leader we believe will be able to drive the programme".