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    Jan 29, 2015

    Mr Incredible attacks Batgirl in Hollywood 'turf war'


    A MAN who dresses as the comic superhero Mr Incredible has been sentenced to three years' probation, after pleading guilty to attacking a woman costumed as Batgirl in a Hollywood Boulevard turf dispute, prosecutors said on Tuesday.

    Muhammet Bilik, 35, was also ordered to attend anger management therapy, perform 20 days of roadside clean-up and stay away from the so-called Hollywood Entertainment District where the spat erupted.

    "Hollywood Boulevard is famous around the globe and attracts millions of visitors every year. We must keep it safe," Los Angeles City attorney Mike Feuer said in a statement announcing the plea and sentence.

    Prosecutors said Bilik attacked the woman clad as Batgirl, whose identity was not revealed by the authorities, following a disagreement over pavement space along a famed stretch of Hollywood Boulevard that draws tourists from around the world.

    A video of the incident captured by a passer-by and posted on YouTube shows Bilik, in his Mr Incredible costume, slamming Batgirl into a rack of souvenir baseball caps, as Chewbacca and Freddy Krueger characters try to intervene.

    Mr Incredible is the father of a family of superheroes in the hit 2004 Disney-Pixar film The Incredibles.