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Mount Fuji pics taken - from 300km away

LONG SHOT: Mr Shinbayashi set a new record for taking clear snapshots of the mountain during the rainy season.


    Jun 30, 2015

    Mount Fuji pics taken - from 300km away


    SEEN from afar, the beauty of Japan's 3,775.63m-tall Mount Fuji has always mesmerised photographers, resulting in countless pictures taken from different distances and angles.

    But a monk, Shoshin Shinbayashi, set a new record in taking clear snapshots of Mount Fuji during Japan's rainy season from 322.9km away, reported the Mainichi Shimbun.

    The pictures were shot on Sunday from the 900m-tall Irokawa Fujimi ridge in Nachikatsuura town of Wakayama prefecture - the farthest point where Mount Fuji could be seen.

    According to experts, to capture Mount Fuji from that far away requires a combination of many factors, including weather, angle, one's skill and the right camera equipment.

    Although Mount Fuji was photographed from the ridge in 2001, the official Japan Map Centre, which verified Mr Shinbayashi's pictures, said the monk's ability to do so during the rainy season is a first.

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