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    Aug 06, 2015

    Motorcyclist hit by car, then driver 'flees on foot'

    A 29-YEAR-OLD man was taken to hospital after a car rammed into the back of his motorcycle along Jurong Town Hall Road on Friday.

    Footage captured on camera, which was uploaded on YouTube by the man's brother-in-law Bernard Ho on Tuesday, indicated that the accident occurred at 4.36pm.

    The dramatic incident also sparked off a chain collision involving three other vehicles, which resulted in the car - a white Honda multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) - veering out of control and crashing through the road divider railing.

    It ended up on the opposite side of the road, with parts of the car strewn in its wake.

    The motorcyclist had initially been sent flying by the impact and landed on his back. He then scrambled to his feet and staggered awkwardly for a short distance before sitting on the curb.

    Mr Ho, 32, told The Straits Times that his brother-in-law suffered back injuries and has been under observation at the National University Hospital (NUH) for the past five days. He was expected to be discharged yesterday.

    When Mr Ho arrived at the scene about 20 minutes after the accident, eyewitnesses told him that the driver of the white Honda MPV had fled on foot.

    "The other drivers involved in the accident said they attempted to stop him, but as it was raining, they thought he was just trying to seek shelter at a nearby building," said Mr Ho.

    "What he did was reckless and the sooner he is found, the better," the engineer added.

    When contacted, police confirmed the accident and said investigations were ongoing.