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    Jan 22, 2015

    Most Koreans want their kids to beat them in English: Poll


    SOUTH Korean parents consider their English language abilities to be the least desirable aspect of themselves for their children to take after, a survey found yesterday.

    According to a survey conducted by the English language institute Yoons English School, 71.5 per cent of parents with children in elementary school want their children to have higher English proficiency than themselves.

    Regarding the level of proficiency they want for their children, 41.2 per cent considered being able to hold a conversation as sufficient. About a quarter of the respondents said a level that would allow them to conduct business in English, while 19.4 per cent said a level that would allow the children to get the job they want.

    About 6.1 per cent of the parents said that they wanted their children to be able to become native speakers. Regarding ways to improve their children's English proficiency, the most popular answer was private education, followed by studying abroad.

    Aside from English language abilities, the respondents picked their jobs and salaries as the second-least desirable aspect to pass on, followed by proficiency in a second foreign language, wealth and profession.