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    Apr 15, 2016

    More staff at 2 checkpoints in Johor to speed up traffic flow from Singapore


    JOHOR has beefed up its manpower at the two immigration checkpoints to ease traffic flow from Singapore, following criticism that many of the counters were often not open leading to severe congestions, reported Malaysian media.

    The reinforcements were posted from other parts of the state and the headquarters of Johor Immigration Office, reported The Star daily.

    They are deployed to the customs, immigration and quarantine (CIQ) facilities of the Sultan Iskandar Building, which faces the Causeway, and the Sultan Abu Bakar Complex serving the Second Link.

    Meanwhile, leave for all the 1,700 officers at the two locations have been frozen so that there are enough people to man more counters, said The Star.

    Johor immigration director Rohaizi Ibrahim told the newspaper that the new measures were implemented early this month and have helped improved the flow.

    He said these came after his office was blamed, along with other agencies, for the congestions at the CIQs.

    Previously, the CIQs could never open all the counters for lack of manpower.

    "Now, we are opening almost all the counters all the time," stressed Mr Rohaizi, who said he monitors the situations on a daily basis.

    "We know that these two connections with Singapore are important for our economy and my men will do their best to ensure good service," he added.

    Earlier, Bernama news agency reported that Johor ruler Sultan Ibrahim Ismail had urged Mr Rohaizi's office to keep all immigration counters open.

    The sultan said he felt sorry for Malaysians and Singaporeans who found themselves stuck in traffic jams at the checkpoints, which occurred especially during holidays and festive seasons.

    Johor authorities recently advised motorists entering Malaysia at the two locations to avoid doing so on Thursdays and Fridays, and Singapore-bound vehicles to avoid making Sunday trips, reported the China Press.