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    Jun 20, 2016

    More join 'Bremain' camp after killing of MP: Survey


    BRITAIN'S "Remain in the European Union" camp surged ahead in a survey following the killing of Labour MP Jo Cox last week. But the gap is still too narrow to suggest that the camp would win in the so-called Brexit referendum slated to be held on Thursday.

    The survey conducted by the Daily Mail and published yesterday showed a six-point swing in favour of the "Remain" camp since another similar poll on Thursday, the British media reported.

    The new sample put 45 per cent on the side of Prime Minister David Cameron, who supports "Remain" while 42 per cent said they were convinced by former London mayor Boris Johnson and would vote "Leave EU".

    The respondents were surveyed in the two days after Mrs Cox, a "Remain" supporter, was shot and stabbed outside a meet-the-constituents venue in Birstall, West Yorkshire, some 350km north of London, on Thursday.

    Some commentators have suggested the tragedy could cause more "Remain" supporters to turn out to vote and some "Leave" supporters to reconsider their stance, reported the Evening Standard newspaper.

    The earlier poll published on Thursday - just before Mrs Cox' s death - had 45 per cent backing "Leave" while 42 per cent supported "Remain".

    A separate poll published yesterday in the Observer newspaper put the two sides neck and neck.

    Just days before her death, Mrs Cox, a 41-year-old mother, made an impassioned defence of immigration and called for voters to back remaining in the EU.

    Thomas Mair, the 52-year-old man charged with her murder, gave his name as "Death to traitors, freedom for Britain" when he was brought before a court on Saturday.

    Immigration has proven to be the most inflammatory issue in the campaign, tapping into fears that EU freedom of movement threatens Britain's national security and strains its public services.

    In an article published yesterday, Mr Cameron warned voters on the economic impact that leaving the 28-member bloc would have.