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    Oct 13, 2015

    More firms declare their products 'haze-free': SEC, Case

    MORE firms have pledged that their products are free of raw materials from companies being investigated for forest fires in Indonesia, bringing the total number who have signed a declaration up to 38.

    The list of firms consists of four major supermarkets, pharmacies and furniture retailers: Prime Supermarket, NTUC Health Co-operative, Sheng Siong Supermarket and Cold Storage Singapore.

    On the list are also 14 companies selling paper products, including NTUC FairPrice Co-operative, Mukim Fine Papers, Tipex and Malaysian Newsprint Industries.

    The remaining companies listed produce recycled materials, which include wood-related products.

    The Singapore Environment Council (SEC) and Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) said in a joint statement yesterday afternoon that more are expected to submit their declaration forms in the coming days.

    "We have reached out to more than 3,000 companies to get their commitment and declaration that they procure their wood, paper and/or pulp materials from sustainable sources," said the statement.

    "These include bookstores, retailers and manufacturers."

    An updated list of the 38 "haze-free" companies can be found on the Case and SEC Singapore Green Labelling Scheme websites.

    SEC and Case again urged consumers to review the list and refrain from supporting companies which are actively contributing to the haze problem, by not purchasing their products.