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    Oct 21, 2015

    More than 500 SkillsFuture Study Award grants available

    MORE than 500 cash grants are up for grabs for Singaporean workers who want to deepen their skills in areas as diverse as fashion technology, mechanical engineering or pastry and baking.

    Applications for the first phase of the SkillsFuture Study Awards opened yesterday, the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) said.

    The awards, worth $5,000 each, are given out by the Government to young and mid-career workers looking to upgrade their skills.

    The first eight sectors which are ready to receive applications are construction, aviation, international enterprise, maritime, financial services, social services, food and beverage and retail.

    First announced in the Budget 2015 statement, the awards are meant to subsidise workers' course fees, while also helping employers save on training costs.

    An award recipient could, for instance, use the grant to fund a specialist diploma in cyber-security management or a PhD in aviation.

    Up to 2,000 awards will be made available each year, as they are progressively introduced across more sectors.

    The awards, for which applicants must have at least three years' work experience in the relevant sector, are bond-free and can be used on top of existing Government course subsidies.

    To apply for the award, employees should have at least three years of working experience in the relevant sector, show a track record of continuous education and not be a previous Study Award recipient.

    The awards are now open for applications by Singaporean workers and nominations by employers at