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More than $10,000 raised to cover medical expenses

WORSE FOR WEAR: Ginger at the vet in July last year.
More than $10,000 raised to cover medical expenses

A NEW LEASE OF LIFE: Ginger waiting to go to its new home early last month. It had reconstruction surgery for its nose and jaws


    Feb 10, 2016

    More than $10,000 raised to cover medical expenses

    IN JUNE last year, The Straits Times reported that animal lovers raised more than $6,000 to cover the medical expenses of a neighbourhood cat that seemed to have been knocked down by a motorcycle.

    A Facebook page, Save Ginger The Waterloo Cat, was set up to raise funds for the surgery costs and medical expenses.

    Page moderator Patrick Yeo, a 39-year-old manager, told My Paper that Ginger was happily adopted on Jan 17, along with another cat that it grew close to at its interim fosterer's home.

    The new owner did not wish to be identified but Mr Yeo shared that more than $10,000 in total was raised for the eight-year-old cat.

    Ginger had been one of the many cats at Waterloo Centre which are known by the office workers there, he said.

    "For our office building, there are quite a lot of cats, so we feed them and they're sort of... not exactly our pets, but they're familiar with us," said Mr Yeo.

    "After it was covered in the media, people from the community, the office workers, everyone came to help."

    Ginger lost its left eye and all its teeth in the accident and had reconstruction surgery for its nose and jaws.

    Mr Yeo added that the alleged perpetrator was never found.

    Although Ginger was originally a stray, it was put up for adoption as it now requires special care, such as feeding of soft food.

    Mr Yeo added that Ginger and the rest of the Waterloo Centre cats belong to the community and so "are taken care of".