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    Dec 29, 2014

    Misunderstanding caused family of 10 to miss plane


    ARI Putro Cahyono, a resident of Surabaya, East Java, had mixed feelings after he and his nine family members failed to board AirAsia Flight QZ8501 for Singapore yesterday, after a misunderstanding caused them to miss the flight.

    Mr Ari said that he and his family had arrived at Juanda International Airport at 6.30am Singapore time as the flight was originally scheduled to depart at 8.20am. But they later found out that the schedule had been changed to 6.20am.

    "I did not read the e-mail message (about) the change of the departure schedule," said Mr Ari, as quoted by

    The operator had offered him the chance to board the next flight, but he refused after being informed at the airport that air-traffic control had lost contact with QZ8501.

    "My family and I then decided to cancel the trip," he said.

    The aircraft - with 155 passengers on board, including one Briton, one Malaysian, one Singaporean and three South Koreans, as well as seven crew members - lost contact with air-traffic control at around 7.20am Singapore time.

    The plane is reported to have requested an unusual route before it lost contact.

    Several officials have suggested that the plane's last coordinates were located close to Bangka Belitung province.

    Meanwhile, hundreds of AirAsia passengers departing from Ahmad Yani Airport in Semarang, Central Java, for Singapore had their journey disrupted for around eight hours after Flight QZ8501 was reported to have lost contact with air-traffic control, a senior official from a state-owned airport operator said.