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    Apr 09, 2014

    Mini-submarine to join hunt for MH370


    A TORPEDO-SHAPED mini-sub could provide conclusive proof that missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 crashed into the Indian Ocean, but the task is set to push the machine to its limits.

    The Bluefin-21, a 493cm-long sonar device, is expected to be deployed to the ocean floor in the days ahead to look for debris from the Boeing 777, which vanished on March 8.

    Mr Angus Houston, who heads the agency coordinating the eight-nation hunt, said that, after more work to detect "pings" consistent with those issued from aircraft black boxes, the autonomous submersible could be deployed in the remote area off western Australia, where the search is focused.

    If the device detects something unusual, it can be sent down again equipped with a video camera to provide visual evidence of a crash.