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    Jan 16, 2014

    Measles alert for passengers on SQ flight

    THE Ministry of Health (MOH) is trying to get in touch with passengers on a recent Singapore Airlines flight to Auckland, New Zealand, who were seated near a fellow traveller who had measles. 

     MOH is working with the airline and the New Zealand health authorities, a spokesman said.

    "We will get in touch with the close contacts to check on their health status and to advise them to seek medical treatment if unwell," he said.

     He added that the risk of a community outbreak of measles is low in Singapore as measles-, mumps- and rubella-vaccination coverage is above 95 per cent.

     SQ flight 281, which had about 270 passengers, left Singapore on Sunday and arrived in Auckland the same night.

     It is believed that the infected traveller is a seven-month-old baby from the Philippines. The airline did not confirm this.

    The New Zealand health authorities were trying to track down hundreds of passengers yesterday. "The passenger with measles would have been infectious at the time of travel on the flight," said Auckland medical officer of health Richard Hoskins.

    Measles typically causes a rash, fever and white spots in the mouth.