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    Dec 30, 2014

    Marine firm retrenched S'poreans for foreign staff

    THE work-pass privileges of a marine company here have been curbed for two years, because it retrenched Singaporeans and replaced them with foreign workers, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) said yesterday.

    This is the first time the ministry has taken action against a company that discriminated against its Singaporean employees.

    Prime Gold's former Singaporean employees, whom MOM said included "captains, chief officers, chief engineers, greasers and able-bodied seamen", complained to the ministry in June.

    Investigations by the ministry showed that Prime Gold retrenched 13 Singaporean workers in phases, and had their positions filled with new foreign workers.

    "Prime Gold claimed that the Singaporean employees were retrenched due to job redundancy, and that the company was running losses.

    Prime Gold also pointed to their unsatisfactory work performance and their lack of relevant qualifications as reasons," the ministry said.

    But "the rationale of the former employees' poor work performance and inadequate qualifications was not substantiated", it added.