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    Feb 15, 2016

    Many hands make light work of overturned lorry on BKE

    HEAVY rain caused a lorry to skid and overturn on the Bukit Timah Expressway yesterday.

    The accident, which took place at around 6pm near the expressway's Bukit Panjang Road entrance, held up traffic as the overturned lorry occupied both lanes of the entrance.

    But instead of waiting for the authorities to arrive and resolve the situation, those affected by the accident decided to pitch in and help move the lorry to one side.

    In a video posted by Facebook user Nithi Chidambaram, a troupe of lion dancers and fellow motorists can be seen pushing the lorry despite the heavy rain.

    Passengers from bus services 960 and 972 also alighted from their buses to lend a helping hand, according to Nithi's sister, Rose Priya.

    The 22-year-old bank employee was on her way to volunteer at the River Hongbao with the rest of her family when the accident occurred.

    Her elder brother also got down from the car to help out.

    It took just a few minutes for the lorry to be moved to the side to allow traffic to move, she said.

    "It was quite heart-warming to see everyone pitching in to help move the lorry," Ms Rose Priya added.

    "If nobody had bothered, all the vehicles would still have been stuck."

    The Singapore Civil Defence Force confirmed the accident but said its assistance was not required.

    The lorry driver is understood to be unhurt.