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Man who uploaded nudist video defends event



    Aug 08, 2014

    Man who uploaded nudist video defends event


    ALBERT Yam, who uploaded a video of a nudist gathering in Penang that went viral, has defended the event in an interview he gave to the Malaysian media.

    Mr Yam, a member of a Singapore naturist group, stressed that nudism does not mean going naked for sexual reasons.

    "Purely nudism... No sex! We have given talks in Thailand and Singapore...We all are true nudists," he told Malay Mail Online in an interview conducted on Facebook.

    The video of the "Penang Nude Sports Games 2014" was posted on video sharing website Vimeo about two months ago. After it gained widespread attention, the privacy settings of the video were changed.

    The Malaysian police are now investigating the Malaysians in the video, having received complaints from the public.

    Seven of the 15 participants have been identified as Malaysians, with the remainder comprising four Singaporeans, two Myanmarese, a Filipino and an Indian. Nine of the participants were men and six, women.

    Mr Yam said he has been living a naturist lifestyle for 25 years and the practice was not sexual.

    Asked if he was aware of Malaysian laws regarding nudity in public, he told the Malay Mail: "No… if the beach is quiet and secluded, it is okay to go nude… as long as I don't offend people."

    Mr Yam stressed that his group did not mean to break the law or offend others.

    The activities, which included a race, body-painting and kettlebell exercises, were conducted on a secluded beach in the Teluk Bahang forest reserve in Penang.

    "Please help us to make it positive," he said before the interview ended.

    "Anything you want to know more, you can ask me. I need your help to tell the public…it is not sex. It is a lifestyle."