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    Apr 06, 2016

    Man slashed girlfriend's cheating ex

    A PROPERTY agent heard a "voice of conscience" in his head telling him to teach his girlfriend's cheating ex-boyfriend "a lesson".

    Wong Guoliang, 34, hired the renovation contractor to work on his house, then donned a surgical face mask and hid a parang behind his back - before carrying out a gruesome attack which left his victim needing 10 days in hospital.

    Wong - who suffers from a personality disorder - pleaded guilty to causing hurt with a deadly weapon yesterday.

    He left Fredrick Toh Cheng Chye, 36, with a fractured skull and slashed his arm, cheek, forehead and back. More than 20cm of Mr Toh's intestines were "unsalvageable" and had to be removed.

    At a district court, Wong also admitted to three other counts: driving under disqualification, driving without insurance and driving without the vehicle owner's consent. Six other charges will be taken into consideration in sentencing at a later date.

    The court heard that around February last year, Wong found out that his then-girlfriend Liao Sihan had broken up with Mr Toh after finding out that he was married with a child and had been cheating on her.

    On May 28, Wong called Mr Toh and feigned interest in hiring him for renovation works. They agreed to meet at 11am the next day, on the seventh floor of Hillview Warehouse in Hillview Terrace.

    The next morning, Wong, who was banned from driving, drove his friend's car without consent to meet Mr Toh.

    When Wong saw him for the first time, he "recalled all the bad things that Mr Toh had done to Ms Liao and to other women", lawyer Steven Lam said. He then attacked Mr Toh.

    Wong is expected to be sentenced on May 12.