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    Jun 10, 2016

    Man killed by warning shot from China police


    A PLUMBER was killed by a bullet fired into the air by police in China's Guangdong province when he put his head out of the window at his fifth-floor apartment to check out the commotion on the street below, the Chinese media reported.

    The man - Liu Qiulin, who was alone on Wednesday afternoon at the leased apartment in Foshan city - was found dead three hours after the bullet hit his head, reported the Southern Metropolis News.

    A preliminary autopsy revealed that he had been killed by a bullet, and a police officer has been suspended pending investigation, reported the Beijing News.

    Mr Liu, from neighbouring Jiangxi province, had only recently moved to Foshan - about 25km south-west of Guangzhou.

    He was found dead with blood on his head when his three brothers returned from work in the evening.

    A neighbour surnamed Shi told the media that the din was a scuffle between some tenants at a nearby market with its management staff over rent.

    "A chase ensued that led them to the street below. I saw three men and a woman being arrested by the police," said Mr Shi.

    "But because there was some jostling, an officer fired two shots into the air," he added.

    The local police said yesterday the shots were fired to stop the tenants from shoving against their men, but they did not notice anybody was wounded at the time.

    Beijing News noted that the incident took place in a densely built-up area where buildings are no more than 5m apart.

    Southern Metropolis also said residents were mystified as to why the police had fired in a crammed space where there are always people coming and going.

    But the officer would be held accountable for the death only if the case is ascertained to be an instance of "illegal use of police equipment", said Beijing News.

    In January last year, another officer accidentally shot a boy to death in Foshan when he tried to stop a fight between two groups of students.