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    Feb 29, 2016

    Man in India kills 14 people, commits suicide


    A 35-YEAR-OLD Indian chartered accountant allegedly murdered five family members, three of his sisters and six nephews and nieces with a butcher's knife before committing suicide in Mumbai city's Thane district, police said yesterday.

    The carnage happened in the wee hours at a single-storey bungalow while the victims were sleeping following the end of a family banquet on Saturday, police said.

    "The attacker, Hasnin Anwar Warekar, hung himself after slitting the throats of all other family members, including his parents," Thane police spokesman, Gajanan Laxman Kabdule, told Agence France-Presse.

    The victims included Warekar's wife and two daughters, reported the Indian Express.

    Warekar had invited his four sisters over with their children to feast in his house, reported the Pradesh Today e-paper.

    The sole survivor of the attack - one of his sisters whose daughter was killed - was taken to hospital after neighbours heard her screaming for help and broke into the bungalow.

    "We still haven't been able to speak with the 21-year-old, the lone survivor of the attack, who is in deep trauma at a city hospital," said police inspector Kabdule.

    Warekar apparently attacked his family after lacing their food with a sedative, according to several local media reports.

    But the Indian Express newspaper said he stabbed his victims after all went to bed. His sisters had decided to spend the night at the house.

    "Prima facie evidence suggests that the accused bolted all the doors of the house and murdered his victims while they were asleep with a knife that we found near his body," said Ashutosh Dumbre, joint commissioner of Thane police.

    According to the Press Trust of India news agency, a property dispute was behind the killings but Mr Dumbre said initial investigations have so far found no trigger for such an "extreme step".

    "He worked with a private company as a tax consultant in Mumbai. There were no known financial troubles or disputes," he added.