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    May 13, 2015

    Man in China broke speed limit 21 times due to 1 mistake


    A RESTAURANT owner in south-western China was fined and had his driving licence suspended after he broke speed limits on highways 21 times over about 18 months - likely because he thought his speedometer was showing speed in kilometres per hour, reported the Chinese media.

    According to the Chongqing Morning Post, the Lincoln car belonging to Tang Wusi, which was imported from the United States, is fitted with a speedometer that displays two sets of speed readings - in kilometres and in miles.

    Mr Tang had assumed the bigger digits on the dashboard were the readings in kilometres when they were actually in miles, so he had unknowingly committed the series of speeding offences, reported the newspaper.

    Mr Tang found out his mistake only on Sunday, when he was detained by traffic police on a highway in Chongqing for speeding at 192kmh, or about 120 miles per hour.

    When the officers checked his driving records, they found he still had 20 outstanding speeding tickets dating back 18 months.

    Mr Tang claimed he was not aware of the earlier offences and paid the total fine of 12,600 yuan (S$2,700) on the spot.

    Calling himself a prudent driver, he was puzzled as to why he had been constantly booked and asked the officers for a possible explanation. It was only then that he discovered he had relied on the wrong readings all this while.